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The LAMI (Microprocessor Systems Lab)

The LAMI was a multidisciplinary group mostly oriented toward hardware development and applications: microprocessor systems, sensor subsystems, autonomous mobile robots.

The LAMI has stopped his activities due to to the departure of Prof Nicoud, who devotes now his time to DIDEL, a company he created in 1972, but froze when he preferred to be professor at EPFL.

The LAP (laboratoire d'Architecture des Processeurs) is taking over part of the teaching activities of the LAMI. R.Beuchat and A.Guignard work now for the LAP.
The successful autonomous robot activities are continued with professors Dario Floreano at LIS (Laboratory of Intelligent Systems) and Roland Siegwart at ASL (Autonomous System Lab)

LAMI address
History and survey of activities
Our past great team


The LAMI-Mantra Day  held in December 5, 1997 is a good summary of our past 1994-98 research activities.
Mantra - Centre for Neuro-Mimetic Systems - still active
DeTeC- Demining Technology Center - still active
The LAMI was structured as several groups : Past and present PhD theses

Interesting projects related to Expo.02

Jean-Bernard Billeter had proposed to build "The House of Little Robots" at the Expo.02, the Swiss national event that takes place about every 30 years. The project has not be accepted, but 25 students have agreed to spend their summer 1999 at the LAMI, to work on solutions that could be applied to the robots to be developed for the Expo.01. At this time, most projects are not completed yet. It should be clear that the objective was not to develop the robots for the Expo.02, but allow better choices and faster development for the companies in charge of developing and maintaining the "House of little robots", or any othe robotic activities.
Look at the available pages describing the student projects. You can already get a good idea of the work done. These pages will be updated according to the progress.


Proposed diploma projects : 2000-2001 diploma projects list at LAMI
Proposed student projects : 2000 7th semester projects list at LAMI
Courses previously given by the LAMI:

Robots contests and development kits

  • Résultats du concours 2000 du lundi 10 avril 2000:
  • Résultats 1999 - Palmarès du concours du Lundi 12 avril 1999
  • Video du concours du Lundi 12 avril 1999 (! 137 Megabytes !)
  • Zephyr, Robot by Jean-Christophe Zufferey, Patrick Ramer, Sébastien Schlup
  • Tornado and Blizzard, Robots by Roman Schmied, Marco Seiz, Roland Meyer
  • Development Tools (SmileNG, Calm): microcontroller development tools for Windows.
  • Kit HC11 pour concours de robot EPFL
  • Kit PICgenial pour apprendre le microcontrôleur PIC et l'appliquer à des microrobots et autres applications
  • Look at the Logidule simulator (Java)

    Written by Kaspar Cottier, you will also be able to do the set of exercise proposed to the students of the Microcontroller course (in French).



    LAMI-Mantra's Unix "Pense-bête" (Tips & Tricks)
    Search for books in the LAMI library

    J.D. Nicoud Aug 31, 2000. Send me an E-mail for any question or comment.

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